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1975 Reinell 27 cabin sole replacement

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I'm currently replacing the rotted plywood cabin sole in the main salon area.Upon removal of the old flooring which was glassed in on top but unsealed underneath, I noticed the floor stringer supports were not attached to the hull, only in the area of the keel bolt inspection hatch. I guess my questions are. Is this common construction practice? Is there a structural reason for not attaching the stringers to the hull? Would I be wrong to glass in new flooring supports including the area previously not attached? Sorry one more question. Does anyone have any info, specs,original layout, or any link to a resourse for information on my boat? 1975 Reinell 27 Cheetah. Ive owned the boat for 7 years and mostly day sailed the Puget sound but I would like to refit the vessel for more serious long term sailing. the original inboard and tanks had been removed before I bought the boat. Anythig would be a great help . Thanks
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Replaced the cabin sole on my Grampian 26 last year.The stringers where glassed to the hull.
Instead of the usual teak and holly I epoxied 1/4" thick cherry and maple strips to 1/2" exterior plywood and left it loose on the stringers for easy access to the bilge.
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