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The old YSB8 came out of our 1977 CS27 a while ago and we are hoping that someone has some specs for the engine bed stringers. It looks like lag bolts were used to attach the engine but without the original mounts for that engine available it is not clear how far down into the stringers one can screw without potentially causing some damage. We're not modifying the stringers so screwing into the original holes is the plan. A few questions:

1) Are these just galvanized lag bolts going into wood or was there some kind of nut that was used?

2) How far into the stringers can one safely screw? Inserting a toothpick into the original holes only seems to go in about an inch but I'm not sure if this is sufficient depth?

3) I think the original lag screws are 5/16". Would it make sense to use a 3/8" instead?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


1977 CS27
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