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Hello to all,

Well, after much time exploring many things for a long time, I decided that I would go against the grain once again, and, outfit a Hunter for blue-water cruising in 3 - 5 years time. Yes, a Hunter. Not the thin skins of today, but the bullet proof hulls of decades ago, which have stood the test of time.

Why? Well, I have more time than I do money, the boat is being acquired at 25% of market and I have done my research and believe that I can make a good argument as to their suitability as offshore cruisers. Besides, the longest distance from land is the pacific pole at 1451 nm, and I think I can provision for twice that distance.

Obviously, she will have everything replaced and made suitable for long offshore work, ie., tanks will be increased, rigging size increased for strength etc., but for now, I would like to hear on the generalities.

So, here are my findings so far, and I would welcome any input, for or against and why. I will ofcourse be happy to belabor any subject in oppossition.:D

LOA 32.66'
LWL 27.08'
Bm 10.12'
Draft 5.3'
Disp. 10600#
Ballast 4100#
Sail Area 498Ft.^2 (Greater with Genoa)
Yanmar 20HP (Way underpowered)
Reserve Buoyancy 20.6% (Excellent)
STIX 35 (failed the test barrier of 40, but the refit will increase the index)
AVS 149 deg (self righting is considered 140+ and offshore is 120+)
Safe Sinkage 2.71" (very low and can go deeper)
PPI 882#
MTI 945#

D/L 238 (moderate)
SA/D 16.5 (cruiser/racer)
Ballast/D 38.6%
Comfort 25.9
P/D .0018
Capsize Screen 1.84 (this will be reduced as well after refit)

As you can see by her d/l ratio, she is light on her feet so quite capable of making fast passages even in full displacement. Her sinkage and PPI provide a good payload for a couple if they don't get crazy with stacking, packing and wrapping up a storage facility. Her sa/d ratio of 16.5 is good but can be considered a bit high because she has a ballast/disp ratio of 38% and will be tender for her weight which could mean reefing early or burying the rails.

Her reserve buyoancy is excellent and will clean up her hobbyhorsing and her draft is nice to get into coves and tributaries, with caution ofcourse. Her motion comfort is just breaking comfortable, but she can be tweaked with roller furling to a more comfortable motion by shifting her CE/CLR leed. Reef her at night for additional caution while underway and the reduced velocity will allow sound sleep.

Her power to weight of .0018 is very low and I suspect that she will need to be repowered to a higher HP if she is to be of any use steaming to windward for long distances or clawing off a lee shore.

Enough for a start.;) Questions. Comments.

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So quiet in here you can hear a mouse pissin on cotton.:confused:

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We bought ours for different reasons, I did not worry about ratings and numbers so much. The big things I was looking for were:
1- Deck to Hull that was actually bolted not screwed
2- 32 to 38 ft long
3- 10ft beam or wider
4- older thicker hull (pre-1980)
5- none to very few small soft spots
6- Priced under 15K

We found a 1978 hunter 33 that fit the bill.

I would have rather had a 2 masted boat but that was not a must have.

We will be working over the next several years to get her to Cruising shape.

Would love to share ideas and thoughts about the whole process.

You can check out our site at:
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