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1979 Newport 27 with Yanmar Diesel

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I am looking at a Newport 27 which has a 14 hp Yanmar Diesel .
I am not not sure how old it is or what exactly I should keep an eye out for. I am coming from a backround in which I am much more familiar with kicker engines. Anybody have any ideas/feedback/experience to share with me? Also any general comments about Newport 27s from the late 70s.

Thanks much
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Oh yeah. I forgot. Any idea what model an engine a 14 HP Yanmar from a Newport 27 1979 might be?
Looking for search info.
Thank you.
There should be a small metal label somewhere on the engine that has model, serial number and possibly date of manufacture.
On my Yanmar 2GM20F it is located on the front above the main pulley.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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