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1989 27' Catalina fresh water levels

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Newbie here so excuse my ignorance. I need to know how to tell what the fresh water supply level is in my water tank. Does one simply have to remove a "cap" and look down into the water tank? Is there an "average water level" recommended for the fresh water supply tank?
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My layout is the same as Smack's, but the tank is under the stove. I would open the bench hatch abaft the stove, put a flashlight up against the hull, and then check the water level by looking at the far side of the tank through sink's foot-pump access hatch.

And then run to the hanging locker to ensure that water wasn't coming out of the vent hose, and peek out the window to make sure water wasn't coming up out of the deck fill port, then stick my head back in the access port under the sink again, etc. :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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