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backcreek, you may need to call some finance sources FIRST and see who will offer what terms. Some require more money down (the 20% should do it) but some won't touch a loan under a set dollar value ($30,000 may not be worth their time) and some won't offer the length of time you may want--they may want it ot be longer OR shorter-- while others won't touch a boat over a certain age, which your budget may push you into.

If you belong to a credit union, or can join one, sometimes they are more flexible. But this year--don't count on anyone lending anything, until you find out what they're going to demand. They're all scared stiff.

The "real" boat lenders, i.e. Essex Credit, who take out ads in the back of sailing magazines, should be able to give you some idea of how you'll have to dance. (Do let us know?!)
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