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2 more questions (Hatch seal & keel)

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1. Hatch seal, when I close mine there is about a 1/4" gap between the hatch and the companionway and the hatch really doesn't go over the companionway at all (even to it). A nice rubber flap would be great to keep the rain and mosquitoes out. Ideas?

2. Is there any chance that when a keel boat is on the trailer it just might push the bottom of the boat up a tad--even as small as a 1/8"? I ask because the porta-potti that is stored under the step which is right over the keel and is totally impossible to get out. I got it out once by almost having to use a winch but then played around with it and found out of I leave the lid off (1/8" lid roughly), it fits OK....still a tad sticky but one hard pull and it's out. I then got thinking of possibly the keel is pushing up just a tad and that will go away when launched. Am I nuts in thinking this? If I am nuts then I will tell my wife she will have to go to the bathroom in a skillet because that will fit in the area with ease. :D
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How about a photo? I am not sure. What kind of boat?

1.) Seems it should pull out past the drop boards, is there something blocking the companionway from sliding all the way?

2.) some trailors have adjustments on the side bunks, or rollers, others don't without a picture it is hard to tell, but if the boat is sagging, you may have bigger issues.
Yea, that does look like a gap, seems the best woudl be to put a rubber strip on the inside lip of the hatch. Likely could be held on by adhesive. May have to be redone every few years though.
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