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2 more questions (Hatch seal & keel)

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1. Hatch seal, when I close mine there is about a 1/4" gap between the hatch and the companionway and the hatch really doesn't go over the companionway at all (even to it). A nice rubber flap would be great to keep the rain and mosquitoes out. Ideas?

2. Is there any chance that when a keel boat is on the trailer it just might push the bottom of the boat up a tad--even as small as a 1/8"? I ask because the porta-potti that is stored under the step which is right over the keel and is totally impossible to get out. I got it out once by almost having to use a winch but then played around with it and found out of I leave the lid off (1/8" lid roughly), it fits OK....still a tad sticky but one hard pull and it's out. I then got thinking of possibly the keel is pushing up just a tad and that will go away when launched. Am I nuts in thinking this? If I am nuts then I will tell my wife she will have to go to the bathroom in a skillet because that will fit in the area with ease. :D
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The hatch gap looks pretty normal to me..

Whether or not the boat is 'hogged' over the keel (on a trailer? or on the hard?) it's certainly possible. if your potty get's 'freed up' when afloat you'll have your answer.
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