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I am looking at hauling out March next year and apart from a clean and antifoul, I also want to remove the rudder and inspect the bearings. On the survey that was done at time of purchase it was noted that there was a small amount of movement. Nothing of immediate concern, but something that will need investigating. I figure that if I am going to go that far, I should replace the bearings anyway. I priced the aforementioned bearings from Beneteau.......sheesh, Beneteau know how to make the most from spare parts.
I can see from drawings in the owners manual that there is not a lot to these bearings and I could possibly have some made locally for a fraction of the price.
Has anyone replaced these bearings, or have information relating to size, material and the process for removal and installation.
I am also going to replace the mild steel top rudder post support bracket with a stainless steel version while it is all disassembled.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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