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2014 Oday rOnDAYvous

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For those interested the 2014 Oday sailboat rOnDAYvous will be held in New London, CT July 11th through the 13th.
The rOnDAYvous will be held during their Sailfest.
Sailfest brings in tall ships, street vendors, music and lots of fun stuff including a great fireworks display Sat Night.

If anyone is interested, reply here and I'll get more info.:):):)
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Interested... can't commit at this time, however. I hope to be teaching ASA courses this summer - through July.
Can you please provide details for the 2014 Oday sailboat rOnDAYvous that will be held in New London? Where or how do I sign up? Is there an itinerary?
rOnDAYvous is set for July 11,12,13 in New London.

Ahoy Odayers:
So far we have heard from 8 boats that they have or will reserve space at New London docks or hotels.* If you have decided to attend but have not yet reserved, now may be the time to do so.* As mentioned in past emails, this SAILFEST is a very popular event and attracts all kinds of interest (and some very weird people, now that I think of it).
As we await the final tally of where boats will go (Crockers, Burrs, Thames, or Town Moorings, or hotels)....we will later make a decision for the location of the Friday Night POT LUCK --- it will be arranged where most boats are docked.* As far as the Saturday night dinner is concerned, we are still planning to have it at the restaurant ON THE SOUND, next to Burrs and Thames.
A.* Crockers == $380 for two nights** (800) 870-1285
B.* Burrs == $2.50 per foot per night* (860) 443-8457
C.* Thames == $2.50 per foot per night** (860) 442-1151
D.* Town Moorings == $180 for three nights (whether you need three or not, it’s still $180).* (860) 443-6304
As of today we are not planning on having a dinghy race.* WHY?* Because in the past we used the event to fill in some time when we were at locations where there was not a lot of things to do.* In New London there will be shopping (for the ladies), live bands, tall ships, Revolutionary Fort, etc.* If, on the other hand, (there are five fingers)......there is interest in having the race, we welcome anyone so inclined to coordinate such activity and run with the ball.
Mike & Anne Novitsky
Wilton, CT
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