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i just recently bought a Spirit 23 and have been sailing the lake here close to home. at some point id like to sail from Galveston to Corpus Christi, as easily as possible making as many stops as necessary for a first time ocean sailing trip. id like to know if my Spirit 23 is capable of such a voyage and approx. how long it would take and just how close to land can one stay and be efficient still?
this is my first ever boat and i know i have a lot of learning yet to do but i want to know if in time this is feasible as a first time ocean voyage?

any help is greatly appreciated.
You and the boat can do it if the weather is perfect. But.....I don't know where to begin. The Gulf can become quite nasty, and often is. Not too many stops along the way, and some possibly nasty inlets if you choose to come back in from the Gulf. I can be more specific if you like, but want to caution you. This can be a tough passage on a much larger boat.

Sail your boat for awhile, get to know it intimately, before trying this crossing. I'd suggest trying to get a crew position on the next Harvest Moon Regatta. That will give you a good idea about what is involved. You just missed this one - Harvest Moon Regatta?

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