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Hi Diesel Whizzes,

I've been having diesel stink for a while, accompanied by a bit of diesel in the bilgewater. My 2QM20 seems to have some seepage occurring around the high pressure pump.

I have replaced the copper washer at the bleed point, and it seems to be dry now. I sprayed the other connections at the pump yesterday with PB blaster because they were impossible to tighten - they were so stiff I was afraid of breaking something.

This morning I was able to tighten the 2 big bolts out the side of the pump, which appear to be called "delivery valve spring holder" on an exploded parts diagram. I may have only managed to twist the whole fitting on the forward one, including shifting the high pressure line slightly.

I actually suspect the compression fitting at the high pressure fuel lines, but cannot seem to budge them, and a I am afraid of expensive results if my regular brute force is applied. I have sprayed them with PB Blaster again to see if I can budget them tomorrow.

Any other ideas or advice? Better troubleshooting sequences?
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