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3 hp outboard--how far

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So I have owned many outboards but never a 3 hp and usually over at least a 20hp with a separate tank. Can anybody give me a rough ball park figure on how far a Yamaha 3hp outboard can go on a tank of gas? I ask for the slip I reserved for my boat has a canal about a mile and a half to go down to get to sailable waters. I will of course carry an extra 2-3 gallons on board but still curious.
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What size boat?
It is best to let the motor cool off as well before refilling. If you dribble a bit down the side you don't want flames chasing your hand with a jug of gas in it. So a smaller container is better, and less likely to spill. Also look for an older gas can that does not have the "anti spill" spout. They are kind of a good idea but most are more likely to spill rather than less. I have one that actually works well. It was cheap and at a discount store, so it has no brand name on it. (got it at Odd Lots)
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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