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3 hp outboard--how far

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So I have owned many outboards but never a 3 hp and usually over at least a 20hp with a separate tank. Can anybody give me a rough ball park figure on how far a Yamaha 3hp outboard can go on a tank of gas? I ask for the slip I reserved for my boat has a canal about a mile and a half to go down to get to sailable waters. I will of course carry an extra 2-3 gallons on board but still curious.
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I looked up the size of the tank at 1.4L. I would say you would push an hour of operation with a tank that size. How far you'll go will depend on how fast it will push you. I would bet you'll get the 3 mile round trip done, but not much more. Top off every time, prior to casting off.
I will just top off and carry a 4 gallon with me.
Personally, I would want a couple smaller containers. It's a PITA to pour a quart of fuel into an outboard tank from a jug that size.
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....Also look for an older gas can that does not have the "anti spill" spout. They are kind of a good idea but most are more likely to spill rather than less.....
I've never spilled so much fuel in my entire lifetime combined, as I have with these stupid anti-spill jugs in the last few years. Insane.
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Hmmm, 1.4 liters is .37 US gallons so a tank size of 1.4 gallons would give me almost 4 fills I believe. The tank is small on this motor.
The tanks are small on all motors of that size. Usually between 1.0 and 1.4 liters.

Not following how you got from 1.4 liter tank on the motor to a 1.4 gallon gas can?
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