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3 hp outboard--how far

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So I have owned many outboards but never a 3 hp and usually over at least a 20hp with a separate tank. Can anybody give me a rough ball park figure on how far a Yamaha 3hp outboard can go on a tank of gas? I ask for the slip I reserved for my boat has a canal about a mile and a half to go down to get to sailable waters. I will of course carry an extra 2-3 gallons on board but still curious.
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I have a 3.5 hp Tohatsu with a 1 litre tank. I've never systemically charted it, but I think I get about 1 to 2 hrs of use before having to re-fill. Of course, it depends on what you're pushing, in what conditions, and how fast you're going.

I carry a gallon (~2 litre) tank with me at all times, and can refill in pretty quickly. No cool down period needed (so far :eek:). I certainly wouldn't want to try and refill using a 4-gallon jug. Way too heavy and awkward in a bouncing dingy.
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