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New owner of a 1976 37 Irwin Ketch.
I am looking for hatch latches, a bathroom door, and other interior parts.
Also I am reading comments about blue water capable boats, and do not understand some of the comments. My boat weighs 20,000 or 22,000 lbs depending on which data you care to believe. Doesn't the weight of this boat denote stability/strength?
Be kind I am just trying to learn
Irwin used a lot of there own (or built to there own specs) hardware. So finding exact replacements may be hard. If you have a large used boating equipment suppler near you, that is where I woudl head first. There are lots of the Irwins out there so it should not be hard to find the parts. Otherwise just see if something current will work. I think Jamestown Distributors seems to have a lot of nice hardware. You may find it easier to replace a bunch of hinges to matching hinges than to find a few that match what exits.

Yes they are heavy boats, but they were an economy production boat, so to meet that price point they had some corners cut. Things like embedded chainplates that compromise long term durability and inspection. As Jeff said they are fine for coastal cruising, but most would not consider them ideal for blue water use. There has been at least one that has circumnavigated.
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