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40 ft sailboat with 800kg/1729 Lbs Drugs arrested!!

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USCG busted a 40 foot sailboat with 800 kgs 1729 pounds marijuana 130nms south of Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. A Russian was arrested.

More to follow.


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Now that there are tax dollars to be had for selling it legally, you can bet the Govt efforts to intercede in the illicit pot trade (ie bootlegging) will only increase. Wait till it goes nationwide.

However, who's to say they knew it was pot anyway. It could have been heroine. And folks, that is a major problem.

I have a family member who is a NY family court attorney. All of her indigent clients have figured out how to be on oxycodone prescriptions for unprovable back pain, etc. Medicade pays for it all. They get addicted, but can sell a couple oxy pills for $20 each, buy an equivalent hit of heroine (both opiates) and use the rest of the money for smokes. Nearly 100% of her welfare clients figure out how to afford a two pack a day smoking habit. That's over 10 grand per year habit for cigarettes in NY.

They'll be looking for heroine for a long time.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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