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You can get them on Amazon for about $200. They are Fresh water, but the saltwater ones are for long immersions in saltwater. Just take it out and rinse with fresh water. People have told me that a 12 volt 80 amp(24 series) battery is good for about 9 hours on a lake. To get in and out of your slip or mooring, a regular 24 series should be plenty. Just buy a charger and take the battery home after every use and charge it.

I'M PLANNING on putting a 30lb thrust one for $79 on the Yacht Club Dinghy or on my kayak, to motor out 200 yards to my mooring. On the kayak people have told me it will be like a 2 HP engine on an inflatable. I'll find out I guess.(btw, I have removable outriggers on the kayak to stabilize it for sailboat loading and trolling motor operation, since I don't want to be doing any rolls in either of those conditions.

I expect to put it on the sailboat, and keep it there for a back up to the 5HP Honda OB engine.

BTW, If you are thinking of putting two 55lbers on, you won't get double the thrust. People who have done that have not been happy.
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