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I am assuming you are talking about for a dink... Otherwise Torqueedo might be better suited for a sailboat.

The minn kota saltwater series would be great for the dink.
It looks like they make them to 112lbs of thrust at higher voltage. But yeah, 55lbs at 12V. years ago, Minn made the 2HP and 3HP models (I think freshwater only), but they made a RARE 3HP in 12V (I know because I had one).. the 3HP is equivalent to about 150lbs of thrust...

That 3HP 12V would eat a big deep cycle battery. My take? the non-saltwater models would hold up OK to brackish water, one could put anti-fouling on the "pod" on the bottom and it'd hold up reasonably well if more salty. But you'd have to wash the unit down with freshwater after use (I state this as you might be able to craigslist an old 3HP 12V freshwater model, with expectations of it corroding quick).

We killed in inland lakes with our 3HP electric motor in bass tourneys on ELECTRIC only lakes... on our little 9ft Bass Tender boat. These guys with $40,000 bass boats with 275HP V6 motors were watching in disbelief as this 9ft ABS plastic boat buzzed by them nearly on a plane with an electric motor ;)

That's all I got.
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