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The second one looks tempting if washing with freshwater after use is all it takes. Am assuming there are the same in most other ways. Did you mean that any freshwater can be maintained well with a rinse off after each use? All comments appreciated.
My impression from local people who have used a freshwater one in the ocean is that they just rinse it off with fresh water after use. The Saltwater ones are designed for continuous saltwater immersion. Its the seals that are a problem. Maybe if you just spray WD 40 on the seals on a regular basis along with a rinse you should be fine.

"Re: Non-saltwater trolling motor in saltwater? Is it OK?

..... I've been using mine in salt water its whole life. It's a cheepie $95 24# bought it about 7 years ago, and the only thing I've done to it is reinforce the mounting bracket. Now yall have mentioned circuit boards/electronics, I wouldn't think mine has that in it. I understand some newer models have them in the motor compartment, correct me if I'm wrong. I just bought an Allterain bow mount tiller 40#. I know its not saltwater duty. I hope it doesn't have the electronics yall are talking about. The electronics, would that be for the fancy auto pilot ones??Beck"
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