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6 years of cost data

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Here is 6 years of cost data from full time liveaboard/cruisers. ALL expenses are included. This past year we sailed the Med so our marina costs went up a bit but our insurance went down as our insurance company lowered it as we were not doing the 2 handed crossing we did in 2013. We do a bit of inland travel as we see little reason to be here unless you experience what is available. This year included short trips around Sardina, a week in Rome, short trips in other parts of Italy, trips through Albania over to Macedona, then to Kosovo and back through Albania. We also put the boat in for a trip to Belgrade Serbia. We had to go in to Dubrovnik for a new mainsail and to get a contaminatd fuel tank cleaned. We also had to spend a bit more time in Brindisi to wait on a new alternator being shipped in. In 2014 we sailed over 3,000nm and made 31 ports of call in 6 months.
We both are in our very late 60s and live on social security. I did have to take a bit from the 401k to pay for the main sail but i will have to start withdrawing next year anyway. We do keep the boat in first class condition and do not mind spending the money on her and keeping her comfortable.
We do include the cost of flights back to the USA so see family as we view that as part of the cost of being out here. I the 2014 cost however there are not tickets as they were purchased in very late 2013 for 2014 travel and therefore in the 2013 cost. No we do not due accural accounting but cash accounting period.
Hope this helps.
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Donna, I suggested that he send me the XLS, and I will post to photobucket or dropbox as a jpg. That way no one else can edit it.
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Soulmates Data that you can view;
(It is not elegant, but it works...)


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