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Me and 2 guys are thinking about purchasing a 1975 Cal 25'. We have looked at the boat and love everything about it, but have a few concerns. When looking at it this past weekend, we noticed that some of the wood was rotting in the top port side of the bulkhead near the chain plate. We didn't know what this meant, so we asked a few Naval Arch's and local sailors. All of them have told us that this is caused from water leaking down into the wood and rotting the bulkhead that the chain plate is attached to. If left unfixed, it could potentially be very serious.

Our main concern is that fixing something like this is above our head. Although we have a decent amount of building experience, etc, we are trying to get a straight answer on whether or not purchasing this boat would be a bad move, or, if we are willing to put in the time, we will be ok. We realize that any boat of this age and price is going to have problems and we are more than willing to put in the time. We have been researching all over the internet and have found a LOT of helpful information.

Bottom line, we were hoping people on this community might be able to offer some advice before we make our final decision. I have included a link to the pictures of the areas I am talking about. Any help anyone could offer would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a lot! (left bulkhead) (right bulkhead)
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