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a boat for three

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My wife and I, along with her 14-year-old daughter, expect to become liveaboards in Boston in the next six months or so. I am now looking at sailboats. The biggest issue is privacy. We need something resembling a normal bed for my wife and I and privacy both for us and for child. So far the only kind of boat that appears suitable is a center cockpit style. Am I overlooking something? We are looking at the 36'-41' range. (My wife was feeling claustrophobic about 41' until I pointed out that our current house is about 33' x 17'.) It will have to be something older as money is tight.
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There are lots of traditional (not center cockpit) boats in the 36-41' range w/ an aft cabin suitable for a 14 year old. Being from the area and looking for a slip myself, I'd be more concerned with the cost of that slip in Boston as a live aboard if money is tight. Are you looking to keep the boat in Boston or the surrounding area?
We've determined what marinas within 25 miles allow liveaboards, but we've also looked at commute times. Her potential job is in Newton...Tell me more about boats I might be looking at.
Live aboard in Boston year round? Brrrrrrr!

Boston's practically tropical to me...
I'd point out that some of the older catamarans might be a good choice... It would help if you said what your rough budget it, as more information when asking for help is generally better than less. A 30-35' catamaran will have more usable living space than a 40' monohull generally....

Some catamarans that might be worth looking at:

Gemini 3000/3200/3400/105
Maine Cat
Prout SnowGoose
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