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"Ours has one up on that Paul, he simply will not go down the dock, period. He's a Newf and would probably swim out to the boat but go down the wharf, no way, no how."

And I thought mine was the only one like that.

But it makes sense, you know. Rule #1 for a water rescue dog: If you don't let the folks get anywhere near the water, they won't need rescue. Right?

We did con her into the ocean one day, down a sandspit that angled off into the surf. Once it got too deep for her to walk on her hind legs, she circled me three times and took off for the shoreline. Pulling to grown adults out of the water, we couldn't hold her on the leash.

And then she encamped above the high tide line and proceeded to swat and eat flies. Umm, yummy.

I think the Italians did some testing on that, apparently one Newf can pull some 20 souls in a lifeboat. They've got one that parajumps out of a low flying hopper, too.

"OK, I told you before, get OUT of the POOL."
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