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I looked at much of that list when buying my Pearson 28-2 (not a common boat in Seattle either, but I was lucky to come across one).

I don't think the Freedom 28/29 is well suited to PHRF racing. It's just too different. I also didn't like having the mast come down in the center of the V-berth.

C&C 29 or Islander 28 would be at the top of my list from what you listed. Maybe the Ericson 28+, but I didn't look at any of those.

You might also try to see a Olson 911S. They will perform better than anything else that you've listed, can sometimes be in the same price range, and has a nice cruiseable interior. We looked at once that was in terrible shape, but it made me interested in finding other examples. They are pretty common on the west coast.
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