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Hi all,

Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Tom I am 16 years of age and I have been around boats and sailing for most of my life.

I was born into a family that adored catamarans, and was brought up on a 25ft one off design cat that was held together by 'no more nails', we later sold the boat and now own a 30ft Iroquois. Whilst crewing on the cat I have been involved in top level dinghy racing from an early age and have enjoyed both aspects of sailing thoroughly.


Since the age of 13 I have been slowly formulating a plan (hence the title.)

plan :

I have always had a savings account that was primarily going to be used for funds for university; however, i have been lucky enough to have been given a amount of money that should be used for creating a base for the future. And in my world my future involves boats.

This summer i would like to start looking at 20ft+ boats to start gaining experience at single-handed sailing and primarily use this as a base to go on to the mini 6.50's. After my two years at college and hopefully a wad of single handed miles under my belt I would like to start to prepare for a sail/cruise around Britain in aid of my chosen charity.

I am not under the impression that buying a boat at 16 does not raise some controversial issues, but my sailing ability is getting better everyday and sailing a 1970 ruined boat strengthens my handy man skills.

So the big question.

I have been looking at many boats and my budget at the max is £10,000. I am looking for a fast safe small boat that offers basic accommodation and that has the ability to hold its value.

firstly, Corribee's, the corribee has made many single handed voyages and is cheap and has a fantastic record, however, they are a old boat and are slow but safe.

secondly Beneteau first 211 spirit, a perfect boat to make a transition from small boats and big catamarans to a mini transit, however, the particular boat i am looking at is at the top end of the budget and requires a bit of modification to suit my single handed needs.

Any one got any views about which boat suits my needs ?

sorry about the essay.

fair winds.

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