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A newbie question about 1st time bareboat.

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A sailing buddy and I are looking to do a charter over an extended weekend out of San Diego. While contacting different Charter companies we have encountered demands that we spend a day to be "skipper" evaluated or that we must spend a day to have a refresher course completed. Or even worse, spend 2 days to do both. I understand they need to know who they are renting to but I would hate to waste a sailing day doing some refresher review.

Is this the norm? I haven't heard of others having to go through all this hassle before. Granted, I have little previous charter history so perhaps that is the issue.

BTW, I have been sailing for 15 years and a boat owner for 4 years now and sail regularly. I have had my fair share of "learning experiences" I really don't need a review course on how to hoist a main or dock a boat. Am I out of line to consider their request annoying and a waste of a good charter sailing day?
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You are not out of line to challenge. e-mail them a sailing resume and see if they are willing to take that as assurance of capability.

I will admit that if it were my boat being chartered, I'd be very happy with the charter service. Nonetheless, having chartered in BVI, San Juan Islands and Chesapeake, it is not the norm in the business.

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