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A sailing buddy and I are looking to do a charter over an extended weekend out of San Diego. While contacting different Charter companies we have encountered demands that we spend a day to be "skipper" evaluated or that we must spend a day to have a refresher course completed. Or even worse, spend 2 days to do both. I understand they need to know who they are renting to but I would hate to waste a sailing day doing some refresher review.

Is this the norm? I haven't heard of others having to go through all this hassle before. Granted, I have little previous charter history so perhaps that is the issue.

BTW, I have been sailing for 15 years and a boat owner for 4 years now and sail regularly. I have had my fair share of "learning experiences" I really don't need a review course on how to hoist a main or dock a boat. Am I out of line to consider their request annoying and a waste of a good charter sailing day?
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