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A perfect TV for a boat

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This is a bit long, but I need to share my disappointment. I did installed a LG 22 on my bunk, mounted a bit high to allow more viewing spots, but am somehow dispointed. Since seated space is limited, like any other boat, every spot count when watching a movie by those rainny nights. This TV has a limited vertical angle (manual says 160dg V) making any spot close to it innefective. If you look any small LCD from a low angle, says 15 degree, you'll notice a picture almost black or "sepia like", , and this makes for even more limited viewing spots. I did research several TVs and found only models above 26" not presenting such problem, but this size takes 140W, just too much. There is no good LED on small size. I learned there are several LCD technology, but market ask for cheaper unities, so the only TV that provide a perfect vertical viewing angle is AQUOS at 19", the closest size I found ... a bit small. My perfect TV would have, at minimum, a large Vertical angle LCD (100% of them has almost 180dg Horizontal), around 24", using LED at backlight, accepting HDMI and Video Composite. 12V powered would be a must. Have you found similar problem, have yu fixed it ? What TV you have installed ? Thank you for your thoughts .....
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I lost my TV in a divorce several years back. At the time I felt it was a great loss, but turned out to be alright, for me anyhow. Maybe something like this. might be an option? small, internal battery and uses DC to power it, instead of a wall wart you could regulate the boats 12v down to 5v to run this thing very economically, power wise. At about 300-350 clams they are a little pricey compared to a small LCD. The downside being not as much definition as a TV and poor performance in bright light. Plus you will have to have a pc or other AV device (game console, tuner, laptop) to supply signal.

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