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A rigging option?

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I see minor rust and hairline cracks at most of my swagged terminal ends but the 3/8 wire looks and feels good. What is the thinking of folks in terms of cutting swagged ends off and going mechanical (norsemen?) and making up any difference to turnbuckles with toggles? Turnbuckles are clearly fine. Whole rigging package is probably 20 years old but the wire looks good and the cost savings on just changing the bottom ends (versus change everything) would be significant. I will check the top swags in the process but they appear to be good probably because water runs down not up...
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Replace it immediately, as mentioned above.

When I bought my boat, I knew I'd have to replace my rigging. It had Norseman fittings but the fittings and the wire all had rust all over them. I got new wire and Hi-Mod fittings and put everything together. It turned out much easier to do than I would have expected. on my 27' boat, it cost me just under $1500, but I knew confidant is my work. It's also good to know when it was last done instead of guessing.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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