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During hurricane Gonzalo an untended boat that was anchored outside the lagoon on the French side broke free and drifted towards shore but instead found the channel towards the bridge bumping through bridge channel it was dismasted but carried on into the lagoon. It crossed from the French side to the Dutch side, finishing up in a marina where it sank two boats and put a 3 ft hole in the side of a large cat. It is still afloat and relatively undamaged.

What is the wandering boat made of, you guessed it steel.

I was going to post this in the ongoing steel boat thread but I guess the mods got to it.

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If I could afford it (because I would only accept a nice one in good shape) I would have a steel boat in the 45-50' range.

I would name it "Always the Stand On Against you Plastic Sailors" :laugher

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i can picture that route. That is amazing. You would have thought that it would have ended up on one of the shoals in the channel from the French bridge to the lagoon. Also the channel where the bridges, is very narrow.

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Jeez... hope BS doesn't see this :eek: ;)

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Here we go again. I'm sure this is going to be amusing as all the rest of the "my steel [insert genital part] is better than your plastic [insert genital part]."


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Well there is a black steel boat that ended up on the mud near me that took out about 3 boats, but if its him, i dont know. I would be a bit surprised if it came through the French channel and ended up here... There is more than one black steel boat on the shores... And none on the dutch side. So if its this one he did not get under the causeway bridge, but may have been over the dutch border for a while.
Crazy things happened here and he didnt land near me till late so he could have... But how could he navigate south then west west when the wind clocked west to get around the Witches Tit? But it could have happened....

By the way, theres about 100 meters of causeway bridge lights been taken out by boat masts lol and none of the coloured lights are working tonight.
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