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A visitor from afar.

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On the hardstand out our Marina, In Victoria Australia. I'm assuming it was sailed here.
Can anyone identify the type?

It's name is "Dirty Dottie"

Had a furling mainsail of a type I've not seen before. Bit like a vertically mounted headsail furler attached externally to the mast.

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The mainsail rig could be a CDI furler. Check Cruisin Design's (CDI) website - they have it mentioned there. I sailed on a ketch in the Bahamas that was rigged in such a way.
Now there's an old shoe for you!

I don't like mainsail furling for a number of reasons, but I like the boat. Probably because it looks even slower than ours!
It looks very much like a Morgan Out Island.
I believe Knothead is spot on...Morgan 41'
Thanks guys. Note all the containers strapped to the side. a Duplicate set on the port side. Don't know if they are fuel or water.
What year would that boat be if it is a Morgan41?

Mychael, I looks to me to be about a 1979. You can probably get the month and year of manufacture from the number stamped on the upper right of the transom that begins with MRY.... We've been living on Morgan Out Islands since 1973. 'not a high performance boat, but a tough and comfortable "truck". 'take care and joy, Aythya crew
Yeah I actually saw some serial numbers in that place. Hull numbers were not compulsory in Australia back in those yrs. In fact even my 1984 boat does not have any.

Curious. It is a Morgan Out Islander Sloop (they had ketch rigs as well) circa 1980 yes? What is particularly curious to me is the davit+swim step arrangement. A good friend of mine used to have a 1980 Morgan out island sloop and custom fabricated up exactly that setup. The only reason I don't think it is his old boat is that I'm pretty sure he had IN mast roller furling for his mainsail. Maybe it is and I'm remembering it wrong. There can't really be many custom swim step/davit arrangements like that.

If you see the owners ask them if they purchased the boat in the Seattle area and if it was once named "Liberty."

BTW, which marina is that? St. Kilda, Sandringham?

No, actually at my Marina. "Yaringa" In Westernport bay which is the smaller of the two Victorian bays.

St.Kilda & Sandringham are both in Port Philip Bay which is strangely enough west of Westernport Bay lol.

Cannot get in touch with the owners as they are away for 6 months.
However I did find out that they are Yanks themselves and that the boat came from or was purchased (not sure which)in Fort Lauderdale. Does that mean anything to anyone?

US Coast Guard Documentation

Vessel Name:DIRTY DOTTIE USCG Doc. No.:666438
Vessel Service:RECREATIONALIMO Number:*
Trade Indicator:RecreationalCall Sign:*
Hull Material:FRP (FIBERGLASS)Hull Number:MRY21182M79
Ship Builder:*Year Built:*

Length (ft.):41.2
Hailing Port:MIAMI FLHull Depth (ft.):7.7
Hull Breadth (ft.):13.8
Gross Tonnage:21
Net Tonnage:19
Documentation Issuance Date:March 23, 2009Documentation Expiration Date:March 31, 2010
Previous Vessel Names:CASEY GREEN EYES
Previous Vessel Owners:No Vessel Owner Changes
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On the hardstand out our Marina, In Victoria Australia. I'm assuming it was sailed here.
Don't assume! It could be something else is at work:

1. It was shipped via Dockwise (no, too expensive).
2. It was trucked overland (hasn't Rudd built a bridge to Asia yet?)
3. Qantas has acquired a C-5A and has lowered it's air freight rates to make this shipment feasible on even the most modest of cruising budgets
3. Mysterious levitation was involved somehow
4. It has something to do with global warming
5. The mysterious appearance if a floridian yacht in the antipodes has something to do with Michael Jackson's death
6. The boat, last seen in Darwin on a milk-run trip round the world, went walk-about and ended up in SE Oz.

Come on, guys! Get out those tin-foil hats and lets solve the mystery -- how did this boat get where it is?
I notice from the hull number it's a 1979 as I suspected. The address if for St. Brendan's Isle which is a cruiser's mail service. No mystery about the boat being in Australia. Despite not being on most "Bluewater cruisers " list these vessels are all over the world. We've logged about 50,000 miles on our Out Islands over a period of 36 years. 'take care and joy, Aythya crew
There was an OI41 in the marina next to ours last year. (Thats Balmain NSW) Very similar but then OIs all tend to look much the same.

One could be cruel and suggest that given she was built in '79 it would have probably taken her this long to get to OZ but I am thinking 'people in glasshouses' so I might just keep mum.

Mipcar...Cruising Helmsman has run a couple of articles on external mainsail furlers in the last year or so. It seems that their great advantage is that they are so much easier to get out when they feck up and you don't need a new mast. I'm with Valiente though, don't like in mast furlers if only cos you lose too much sail area.

Ref the fuel/water cans.....OIs were pretty much built for the bare boat charter market weren't they ? Are they are bit light on for tankage ?
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