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On the hardstand out our Marina, In Victoria Australia. I'm assuming it was sailed here.
Don't assume! It could be something else is at work:

1. It was shipped via Dockwise (no, too expensive).
2. It was trucked overland (hasn't Rudd built a bridge to Asia yet?)
3. Qantas has acquired a C-5A and has lowered it's air freight rates to make this shipment feasible on even the most modest of cruising budgets
3. Mysterious levitation was involved somehow
4. It has something to do with global warming
5. The mysterious appearance if a floridian yacht in the antipodes has something to do with Michael Jackson's death
6. The boat, last seen in Darwin on a milk-run trip round the world, went walk-about and ended up in SE Oz.

Come on, guys! Get out those tin-foil hats and lets solve the mystery -- how did this boat get where it is?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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