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A4-pump out the gas tank

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I just bought an older boat with an Atomic. The marina dropped new deep cycle batteries in, and the engine turned over but before I do anything else I'm sure I need to get that old gas out of the tank, and as much from the fuel filters as possible. Any suggestions on the best way to do this?

Thanks Much
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One thing to keep in mind is that most A4s with electric fuel pumps have an oil pressure sensor switch on them that prevents the fuel pump from running if there's not at least 10 psi of oil pressure. You can tell if this switch is in line by following the power lead from the pump to see if it goes directly to power or to a switch screwed into an oil line fitting.

If the lead does go to the switch, you can just bypass it by running a suitably sized lead from power directly to either the fuel pump or the "power" side of the switch, whichever is more easily accessible. On my boat I have a bypass switch mounted inside the engine compartment that lets me bypass the oil sensor if necessary. It comes in handy for testing the pump, and especially so if the sensor switch decides to fail when you need the engine.

Good luck!
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