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Abandoned sailboat transformed into floating pizzeria - Gizmag

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Abandoned sailboat transformed into floating pizzeria
Boat and pizza lovers Sasha and Tara Bouis have transformed an abandoned aluminum sailboat into a floating pizzeria. Dubbed "Pizza Pi," the enterprising couple customized and hand built the boat's kitchen to accommodate commercial pizza ovens, fridges ...

and more 禄

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On Far Cry's recommendation, I just had this pizza on Tue evening (36 hours ago). Yes, I'm back in the bleeping northeast snow now, got home at 1am today. :(

Highly recommended stop in Christmas Cove. They close at sunset and then dinghy back across the channel to St Thomas. As I suspected, they admitted they've had some hairy rides home. However, I agreed, it was better than a commute in big city traffic!!

Hail them on 16 to place your order and dinghy up to the stern of the boat and big open hatch to pick up (they'll deliver to you for free, if you order 3 pies, or charge $10 to deliver). The kitchen looks professional and brand new! They've only been open for 3 months and I wish them all the best, I think they'll do great.

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I'm remembering their carbonara pizza and watching the sunset right now. It's 7 degrees below zero here this morning. I have no idea why the pilgrims settled this part of the globe. Damn.

BVI fees are tough. We cleared in the boat, with a park permit and four people for four days and it ran $200. But they seem to keep getting it.
The Ferry for four would have been the same or more with the exit fees.

No doubt and avoiding the hassle of that ferry/C&I was a huge advantage for using CYOA!
I'm glad someone has turned this 'sailboat' into a pizza joint. Seems like a perfect design for it. ;)
I didn't ask if they modified the dimensions of the aft outer hull at all. It's just a fairly unattractive motor sailor. It's not hard to imagine it being abandon. Great repurposing of the hulk.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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