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The water hose going from the seacock to the strainer is getting hard growth built up inside it. It necessitates removal, lots of banging, and rinsing. I used standard reinforced water hose. Is this the wrong product?
To clean your raw water intake hose, simply close your thru-hull seacock and pour a cup full of RydLym/Barnacle Buster or for that matter CLR into the hose and and allow it to sit over night to dissolve the growth in the main body of the hose. Once you've done that, open the thu-hull and add a few more cups of the solvent to you hose every day for a few days which will pretty much dissolve the matter between the seacock and the strainer.

Once the hose is cleaned out, go by West marine and purchase a short length of copper grounding foil. Cut a triangular piece about an inch wide and two or three inches long and roll it tightly into a short tube around a bamboo skewer. Remove the skewer (of course), drop it into your hose and push it gently down to your strainer with a pre-measured length of dowel. As the foil dissolves it will prevent growth in your raw water line. Replace the foil every few months.
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