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Accidental Sailor Girl

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I have to say that I don't understand the controversy here. Whether you agree with this person's lifestyle, or presentation, or hair; she does a nice job of introducing someone who is not a sailor, or a beginner sailor to the realities of her lifestyle. She does so in a way which is very human and upbeat, and which does not smack of self-congratulation or condescension.

SailNet, like many sailing sites attracts a lot of folks who are dipping their toe in the water, contemplating adding sailing to their lives. As any regular SailNet reader can testify, there are widely different ideas about how to enjoy wind and water, and how to start and where to take the sailing experience. Videos like these are helpful in introducing a particular and very personal viewpoint to someone coming into the sport to as a newcomer or someone perhaps open to the ideas being prevented. The well presented ideas seem responsible, legal and one logical approach to living 'the life'. At least from my point of view, this is a good thing.

Well with this quote, I think you lost your Curmudgeon label in your signature for 30 days!

Well said.
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