Items For Trade:

I have a bueatufull acre in walking distance to lake Norris with great unobstructed views of very bueatufull restrictions.quiet neighborhood with upper mid working class.
Has huge new mega deck,big building,well ele,near high speed att tower or fiber optic dsl.
1 miles from main thoughfare.and gorgeous lake Norris.
Indian Creek runs across the foreground of property so you get tranquil chirping of distant frogs,wild birds and magnificent water fowl.
Lots of deer turkey and other small animals.
Looking for partial trade for fixer upper fiberglass sailboat.intrested in touring my fishing product along the south coast of Florida's canals and shallow draft a must.i prefer a bulging wide hull design I can comfortably live on and have 6'-2
Prefer retractable keel but can modify the right boat.
Consider odd boats too like a Chinese junk,modified v flat bottom sail boat hull shapes,shallow full keel,or retractable keel considered.
Rare property I'm offering.loosing money.but time too.
Ps Must have a small diesel engine,and rigging & sails.pss: willing to additionally barter skilled fiberglass and painting but I have over $100,000 in my two acres(selling 1)and will need operating any work trade must be considered over acquisition of obtaining the boat and money. With that said if it's a much nicer boat or other interest such as a nice little small slot of land somewhere in South Florida where I can pull the boat up on to work it over I would gladly barter ample work trade on boats or painting houses.not a bad deck builder either.if it's marine work I only use us composites epoxy products.i like it and it's consistent and affordable.and am familiar with it.
Bruce roberts spray 40-50' in fiberglass looks interesting to me if it's shallow draft. i read there 3.3'. ideal I'd like 3' or less.
Consider damaged cat also.but I stress it must be complete with all the stuff to use once fixed.cant afford sails or mast.haha...
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you can Google Earth the address:1289 Indian Creek Rd thorn hill TN