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We are forecast to have partly cloudy skies. That's good, we've been so cloudy and stormy that seeing the sun today was a shock. :eek:

Go out to look late in the evening, super bundle up so you can hold still. Lie down on something - mat, rug, lounge chair. Face any direction, don't worry about the radiant located in Gemini. Give your eyes a chance to become dark adapted.

Normally just before dawn is best, then you are on the side of the earth that is sweeping through space, like the front of a car hitting bugs. Very fast bugs, which can catch up and strike from the rear. Still, more will hit the front of the car.

Tonight the moon will rise around midnight here in Maine, and the moon light will cut down on visibility. So before midnight might be best. Plus, you never know when you get lucky and hit a thick part of the stream. Before dawn is a general thing, the most incredible shower I ever saw was thickest in the early evening. I typically check every now and then, then prepare and stay out when I see some just by checking quickly.

The moon will not overwhelm the brightest most amazing ones, so before dawn could still be great.

Remember, if one seems to hold still and just get brighter, you are about to be hit!! :laugher Best to see it coming I suppose.
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