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I spent the month of August 2014 working on the rudder on my '77 Pearson 28-1, which had developed a twitch/vibration. After my most recent trip to Cape May, I decided I would rather haul and miss August sailing so I could sail throughout the rest of the year.


Here is a list of the items repaired/replaced/addressed:

1. Replaced missing(!) lower rudder bushing with custom-machined bronze bushing pressed into heel/shoe;
2. Drained, dried and sealed rudder with Interprotect 2000e epoxy paint;
3. Replaced improper, dry-rotted rudder stuffing box hose with new Buck Algonquin and new double hose clamps;
4. Grinded, sanded and cleaned partial skeg rudder housing and laid new fiberglass;
5. Sanded and painted bottom with ablative paint;
6. Re-painted new black hull stripe;
7. Cleaned scuff marks off hull with Fiberglass Solvent Wash;
8. Replaced flax in rudder post stuffing box;
9. Added thimbles to wire rope on eye bolts.

Removing the rudder drive wheel was a beotch. After trying PB Blaster, boiling water, a propane torch, and an impact wrench. I finally cut through the bolts with a grinder. While I wanted to switch to a tiller, my wife prevailed upon me to keep the wheel. My machinist did a great job of repairing the damage.

Upcoming fall/winter repair jobs: replacing wire rope in steering system and replacing cockpit drain hoses.

The boat is ready to splash!
Looks so simple, but it's not. Great job and photo documentation. I think thus same project is in my future.

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