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sailingdog is right. The other techniques being batted around are a losing cause that will probably lead to either a poor job or a real mess. The veneer proposal, while interesting will be especially problematic. If the veneer has an adhesive backing, it will eventually fail due to moisture and flexing. If it doesn't have an adhesive backing, then getting it to stick over all those curves will be nearly impossible even with a vacuum bag.

One of the most comforting things about boat building is that people have been at it for a while and techniques for most things have been worked out over the years. The technique of adhering vertical furring strips to the hull and screwing the teak (or ash) horizontally across them is a valid one that works. Not to impugn and of the ideas posted, but often times skipping the proven steps isn't really a time saver after all, IMHO.

Pleas understand that I'm NOT slamming any ideas, only emphasing that traditional techniques are proven. Ideas are what this community are all about. Keep them coming.
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