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Re: howto: applying furring strips to fiberglass hull ....BUMP!

Saw the post from 2001 but did not see any resolution.

It is now my turn to figure out this issue. The idea of what type of wood to use as a furring strip, how to fasten them to the hull and what type of fastener to use. I have a bare hull essentially. I was thinking about using 1x2 pine. Cheap and easy to bend. Screwing them into the hull. I am lucky as the hull is insulated with another layer of glass over it. However in some parts, mainly up higher to the deck, there is no isulation and I am wondering about whether or not to tack them in in these places or glass them in ...or ???.

Anyone been in this situation or seen a good solution?

Appreciate any advice. Happy holidays,

1) use 3m 5200 to lay furring strips every two feet, vertically; if the hull is curved, you'll have to cut the furring strips into 1.5" squares, so each furring strip will be a column of squares; 2) let it dry - takes a week; 3) attach 2 foot pine panels, 1/4" thick, 1.5" wide; they can only be 2 foot, due to curvature of hull; attach them by screwing them into every other furring strip with 1/2 inch bronze or stainless steel screws. It's a tedious process, but worth the results.
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