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Newby questions. How do you tension the shrouds on a three stay rig where the mast comes down after each use? How do you bend the mast with a three stay rig and no aft stay? The thin metal strip shrouds have to be disconnected to adust them. You place the mast thru the deck, connect the shrouds, connect the fore stay, pin the foot, and then you final tension the shrouds using the fore stay turnbuckle on my boat. There are upper turnbuckles on the upper ends of the flat metal strip shrouds. I could make balancing adjustments to balance the tension side to side with a ladder and the oak tree in the yard the way it is set up. Should the turn buckles be at the deck and the end that has to be taken loose to adjust be attached to the strap on the mast? Do you reverse them to get the adjustment made and then put them back as they were?
How much fore stay tension do you use when you have a mast that uses the deck as a pivot point?
How much rake is correct on a comet class boat with a shorter mast? It came adjusted for a foreward rake.
Does sail type change the answers? I have old canvas sails.

Sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to learn as much as I can before I do something really dumb from not knowing the correct procedures.
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