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I just knew you were sportin' a pudgy, med.

How many do you think could fit in there in a survival situation. It's rated for 4 if I recall - but is sure looks tiny.

Still, I'd be much more inclined to get one of these for off-shore cruising than a dinghy AND a LR.
Two could fit quite comfortably. Since it's double walled it has a totally flat floor with a gentle slope up to the bow and the interior floor is 6' long if I recall. Technically speaking the USCG requirement for floor space for occupants is 3.6sqft. Not much. The pudgy has 16.1ft so that's 4.47 people. The average nuclear family has 3.2 kids so....

I remember reading somewhere that part of Steve Calahan's problem was that he had an 8 man raft for just himself. It sounded like a good idea as he would have more space but apparently the weight of the people are calculated into the capsize formulas of rafts. He capsized many times. As for the pudgy, it's supposed to use a sea anchor,(fabric rafts do a lot better with a sea anchor as well) and the boyancy of the canopy and it's inflatable arch combined with the weight of the hull makes it apparently self righting.

Back to your question. 2 would be very comfortable and both could sleep easily on the floor. Spooning anyone? Gotta stay warm. It's a survival thing. :D I expect that the max for life raft use would be 4 adults. One could lay out and sleep while the other three don't or perhaps 2 could sleep on the floor and 2 could sit on the seats if the weather sea state allows.

I plan to do some "Pudgy camping" sometime. It doesn't go to weather for crap (at least with me at the helm) so I'm going to put a bowsprit, jib, and larger leeboards on it this winter. Next summer, expect to see me sailing the puppy solo and spending a couple nights aboard. I'll also have the canopy inflated for that, so I may as well test it's self righting capabilities at that time. Stay tuned....

Lifeboat information for the Pudgy:
The Portland Pudgy is a proactive lifeboat, self-rescue boat. The inflatable canopy makes it safer than a standard inlatable life raft because it is a rigid, unsinkable boat.


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Awesome Med. Having some documented testing of this thing online will be awesome. Like I said, I'm really interested in it. I started a thread on it a while back looking for more info - - because beyond the marketing material, there's not a whole lot of real world use info.

It seems to be a great product.
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