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Hi Dave

I live in Annapolis and Annapolis is one of the easiest places to get aboard a boat. One easy way to find a boat to race on is to watch Spinsheet Magazine''s webpage

Every spring Spinsheet runs a sign up for people seeking crew and crew seeking boats. It is a pretty good way to get aboard a race boat. If its a breezy day you can walk down the dock before the Wednesday evening beeercan series at Annapolis Yacht Club, Harborside, or their annex and ask people if they need crew.

In the interim you might try to read as much as you can about sail trim and boatspeed issues and perhaps show up on the docks for the Sunday FrostBite series and try to get aboard a racer. You also might try to get aboard performance boast that are daysailing during the winter just to see how things are done.

If you email me your phone number I would be glad to give you call some weekend when I am going out for a daysail.

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