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First off it sounds like a great trip and you are not that far off shore, looks like less than 12nm. that's a rum line from Masonboro to the beaufort racor 60nm. The fishing fleet can get busy just outside Beaufort.
As for finding out about any marine manuvers off shore you can probably call/ check in with Camp Lejeune. You might have to do that as you transit down the ICW, you go right thru there. They sometimes have manuvers in the ICW and also their artillery range goes over the ICW. There are signs and contact info before you pass thru. One trip I made coming North thru there the marines were practicing high speed water pickups very cool to see in action. God bless those men and women.
You should be able to make Wrightsville easy in 1 day from Beaufort.
Have a safe trip, Enjoy
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