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not sure if you are planning on doing the engine change yourself or paying someone to do it for you. in either case the yanmar 20gm20f is a fantastic engine and you will be very pleased with that choice in your P30. i have P30 hull number 346(1973) with a 20gm20f that was installed in i think 2000. i have had the boat since 2008 and have had absolutely no problems with the engine. in fact when i bought the boat i could have probably sold the engine for as much as i paid for the boat. my other boat had an atomic bomb in it and there is no comparison between the two engines. nothing but trouble with the gas engine(mostly from infrequent use) as opposed to absolutely no problems with the 20gm20f. from what research i have done if you keep the oil changed, the fuel clean, and have a strong battery the engine will start and run just fine.

i do not know if there is much of a used market for the 20gm20f since they are such great engines. i don't know why anyone would ever replace one unless it went under water or just got worn out.

keep us posted on what you end up doing, would enjoy reading about your refit.

good luck!
Do you have any photos of your 2gm20f installation? I just purchased the same engine for my P30 hull #835. My atomic 4 has water in the oil and I made the jump to diesel. Now just have to get in there, its quite a bit wider than the A4. So some photos of the motor mounts would be real big help. I will be replacing the fuel tank as well since that was planned before the A4 went down its so full of crud we had to use a gas can to run the the engine.
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