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Hello all!
This is my first time on this forum. I joined because I'm new to sailing (about 2 years) and need advice about planning a trip from Jacksonville to the Florida Keys (probably going solo). I am open to any advice y'all may have as I have never made any type of long voyage.
My primary concerns are as follows:
- What is the best "route?" (i.e., ICW or along the FL coast)
- How long would each route take respectively?
- Over all cost?
- Absolutely necessary equipment? (i.e., would I need a GPS?)
- What are the good places to stop along the way?
These are just my primary concerns, but any advice is welcome. I do not plan to commence the trip any time soon. I still have 1 1/2 years of law school left to complete; not to mention I am flat broke at the present moment.
I have a 24ft C&C fin keel with a 4ft draft (1977) with a rather old 7.5hp Johnson outboard. The motor runs "ok," but that will be the first thing I replace before the trip.
Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to SailNet.

Some of the questions that you have are basic skills that you have if you take a basic boating safety course. Before you leave you should know how to determine time/speed/distance, the required safety equipment that you need for your boat, etc. I highly suggest that you invest (<$100) in a U.S. Power and Sail Squadron or USCGAux boating course.

Given the age and condition of your outboard, I wouldn't suggest attempting any travel off the coast unless you are absolutely comfortable with your sailing abilities when you can't rely on the motor.

I moved your thread into the Destinations folder. There are a lot of responses there to others who asked the same questions about sailing the coast of Florida. You might want to spend some time looking there.

Best of luck.
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