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Most diesels are pretty hardy creatures. If it has lubrication, air, fuel and cooling water, it should run fine. Leaking oil is not a problem as long as you carry plenty of oil to keep her topped up. Cooling water comes out of the exhaust pipe; look at it often and if it has plenty of water coming out, you should be ok. Check the fresh water level if it is a heat exchanger engine and if that level remains constant, that's ok, too. In an emergency, you can always cool the engine with salt water, temporarily. Carry extra fuel filters and change them as needed, but for sure if it has not been done since you bought the boat. If you are uncertain about the oil level or water level, stop the engine periodically and check them. Carry a spare battery (completely charged) that you can use with jumper cables, should you need.
Make sure you have a decent anchor and plenty of rode, ready to deploy if the engine stops. Have your sail covers off so you can hoist your sails quickly should you need, after all it is a sailboat first.
Good luck.
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