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One feature I really love on my Lowrance is the projected course. I have it set to project a line one mile ahead. This can be very handy in SF bay, showing you how the current is really affecting you.
I really like my Lowrance 9" plotter/radar combo. I may have missed it in the discussion, but the first (!) priority for any plotter is location on your particular boat. Most of the current crop of devices appear NOT to be intended for use on the average sailboat. (And not too many power boats, either.)

Problem is that most of them have a *strong* perm. magnet for keeping their chart-chip door closed rather than a friction catch. Our Lowrance does not have the compass-attracting magnet.
When shopping for this kit, a local marine electronics firm let me borrow three plotters and I got to hold them in the location where they would be mounted. All the ones with the magnet pulled the compass card instantly toward them when they got closer than about 15". :eek:

If you mount it a lot further away, no worries.

Ours is under the binnacle guard, about where most sailboats put their plotters.

BTW, the "digital" radar really does show details a LOT better than our old conventional radar did. Choosing to overlap the radar image and the chart image is rather nice, too. Or, go full screen with either one. Or, have the images side by side..... :cool:

Happy shopping,
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